Income options

Investwise Individuals Income options

Generally your future goal is to achieve a level of income that will provide you with a comfortable living standard in retirement.

You may be nearing retirement – a strategy of implementing an income stream from some super monies, while you then salary sacrifice your salary may be a great option for you.

You may be retiring shortly – a strategy of consolidating your investments in a tax effective manner to ensure you receive appropriate income and any Centrelink entitlements, while making allowance for emergencies and lifestyle options may be a better strategy for you.

Your future is dependent upon the decisions you make today! Don’t make them alone, please seek our advice and guidance.

Examples of income options include:

  • Accessing some of your super as income (if you are over the retirement age) through a transition stage to retirement.
  • Receipt of income from any other investments you may have (i.e shares, property, managed funds etc)
  • Income streams – usually arranged close to retirement or at retirement depending on what is best for your personal circumstances
  • Centrelink benefits – having your assets arranged so that you qualify for a social security payment

At InvestWise we are here to guide you and to assist you in achieving your objectives and goals in life.