This is where it all starts!

The pathway to your wealth begins right here when you take the first step and begin investing!

Saving a little more now can make a big difference later.

The Golden rules to investing are:

  • Start early to get time and compounding interest on your side
  • Choose the right strategy to match your goals
  • Invest to beat inflation
  • Its what you keep after tax that counts
  • Diversify for a smoother ride
  • Don’t take any risks in trying to ‘time’ the market
  • It’s time IN the market – not timing the market that counts
  • Invest regularly
  • Invest with a long-term view – don’t let today’s headlines affect your judgements


  • Talk to us at InvestWise to get started and along your way!

Gearing (borrowed monies) can also be used for investing.

We understand that if you start now, there may be times in the future that you may need to take a break from investing (for a period of time, due to other financial commitments).  And that is OK.

However please remember the greatest risk of all can be  “to do nothing”