Superannuation is one of the most important savings option available to build upon for your future.

Remember: Saving a little more now can make a big difference later. It’s your future!

Saving through superannuation provides effective tax saving options which are often underutilised.  With the changes that came into effect from July 2007 – there is even more, reason to “save in super”.

Whatever stage you’re at in life there are options you can benefit from:

Some super saving benefits are listed below:

  • Government co-contributions:
    If you are a low or middle-income earner, you can take advantage of the super co-contribution payment by making eligible personal super contributions to your super fund. The government will then match up to $1,000 of your personal super contributions.You don’t need to apply. If you’re eligible, all you need to do is make personal super contributions to your super fund or retirement savings account and lodge an income tax return.
  • Salary Sacrificing:
    Paying pre-tax money into your super is taxed only at 15% rather than your marginal tax rate.
  • Spouse contributions:
    Tax rebates may be available if you make a super contribution on behalf of your spouse (subject to your spouse’s income).
  • Contribution splitting directing some of your super monies to your spouse may unlock some of your super earlier – (age dependent).

For retirees, there may be other super options & strategies available.

Insurance and salary continuance options may also be available through superannuation.

If you would like to talk to us regarding your super,  we will review your current plan to assist you with:

  • Placing your monies in the best investment options
  • Taking advantage of any benefits available to you.